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Careers at Calloway: Calloway offers competitive benefits packages to our fulltime employees. Call for details. Our employees are team oriented and we are told Calloway is a great place to work.

We are always accepting experienced qualified resumes from potential employees and consultants for all the services we provide such as financial accounting, clerical, administrative, IS/IA/IT, Environmental & Natural Resources, CBNRE, Science Research, Statistics, GIS, Logistics, Facilities Maintenance, Security, Program Management, Business process Improvements, Acquisitions Support, etc. If no relevant positions are currently open, feel free to submit a “General” inquiry resume for us to keep on file based on our services offerings. We remove each submitted resume from our files after a 1 year period. And/or for possible inclusion in our upcoming proposal efforts, submitting a general interest resume will help us to review and include you in upcoming proposals for new contracts for up to 1 year that we will retain your resume. If a general resume submittal, please include a statement in the resume if we have your permission to utilize your resume in any federal bid labor categories that we feel you qualify for, and whether you would consider relocating at your own expense or not.


Bioengineer III/JVAP Asst Lab Mgr

Bioengineer III/CDP Lead Scientist

Bioengineer III/CTO Support

Clerk II (call 1-877-860-4337 for qualifications attachment)

"Working with Calloway & Associates is empowering and a win-win for the client and me!"

-Department of Justice employee

We Hire Military Proudly

"Calloway & Associates is a great place to work. The interview process was professional, my paperwork was completed fast and I was at the job site in 3 days!"