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SeaPort-e Contract Quality Assurance Program

CALLOWAY understands that several factors may arise that will challenge our team’s ability to maintain our high quality professional support. The first such factor is a sudden, unplanned increase in tasking. In these cases, Calloway & Associates, Inc. relies on its résumé database as well as accounts for finding qualified candidates through,’s specialized additional diversity and security cleared candidate databases, etc. to identify and hire personnel with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to support our customers nationwide and also internationally. The résumé database has been populated over many years with high quality individuals who are ready to join the CALLOWAY team. Our team members also have a cache of personnel ready to support emergent tasking quickly and seamlessly. Our staffing plan is aimed at trying to retain qualified experienced well performing incumbents for T.O.s which may have another contractor’s staff already in place. We screen and background check, train, and deploy a host of labor category staff already successfully for several federal agencies nationwide including Hawaii. All of our prime contracts have existing QA Plans and procedures specific to each agency customer requirements. Based on our successful transition plan implementation over the past several years, and our staffing approach, and TO Management and QA Programs in place, and our past use of that approach, CALLOWAY expects our performance ratings and performance metrics to remain high as we continue our rapid growth. Our SeaPort-e Proposed QA manager is a seasoned QA manager, and also is an ISO 140001 certified lead Auditor and CHMM, CEP, CES, and REA with over 35 years related experience in several different federal agencies plus is prior military service officer for the USAF and then the NAVY Reserves where he was last a Naval Intelligence Officer with a TS Clearance.

Technical expertise and quality deliverables production at CALLOWAY is maintained through several methods. Our most effective method is the senior member-to-more junior staff member working relationship. Since there generally is not specific training for “professional support”, the best teachers are those who are currently performing services at high levels. When opportunities arise, employees are sent to courses that directly contribute to increasing their knowledge and skills in the professional support arena. We have sent employees to courses on contracts management, project management, agile development, dispute resolution, and change management. We also attend other program and project management events. For those employees wishing to further their training, CALLOWAY pays a specific amount per year to any regular fulltime employee wishing related specific training for their careers or projects.

Ability to monitor and maximize quality. CALLOWAY has survived for so many years as a small business because our highest priority is meeting or exceeding all customer requirements and expectations for quality and performance metrics measurements. We emphasize continuous quality improvement concepts and processes as part of our corporate culture. Our system of reviews with customers and team members emphasizes CALLOWAY’s ability to provide high quality and best value to our customers. Our quality program involves three critical components for each Contract/Customer/Task order, or Project:

  • Staffing, Screening, Hiring, Assigning, Deploying, Managing the correct experience and education and qualities personnel to each task
  • Conducting the reviews necessary to ensure correctness and accuracy of products
  • Establishing, Preparing a Specific Task QA/QC Plan, Measuring Quality
  • Implementing & Continuing each Corrective Actions and Continuous Improvements/Lessons Learned Program
  • Solving each Task Challenges and finding and implementing and measuring viable effective solutions

CALLOWAY provides quality products and services by determining the customer’s requirements and then assigning the skilled personnel to accomplish the resulting tasks. For those personnel that are unknown to the customer, we will provide résumés and even arrange for the customer to meet them so they may ensure there is compatibility.

CALLOWAY implements a variety of team and internal review processes. These review processes guarantee the overall technical quality, accuracy, and credibility of our work. The lowest level of reviews is the peer review. All work and deliverables are reviewed by other team members to ensure format and content are correct. These reviews are aimed at preventing the customer from having to make multiple revisions to products delivered. The next level of review is the weekly team meeting, where we discuss products to be delivered and establish a schedule to develop, review and submit products. The highest level of review is the corporate review, where CALLOWAY and team members meet quarterly to assess the quality of services and discuss resources required to maintain quality standards. AMCORP also provides informal customer surveys and conducts weekly customer queries (either in person or via email) to assess “how we are doing” as far as technical support and quality of deliverables. All our SeaPort-e Subcontractors adopt our CALLOWAY QA Plans or if their QA Programs are more stringent then they continue to utilize those even more stringent QA Programs and Plans.

Quality will be measured for all products and services that warrant measurement. CALLOWAY, with concurrence from the customer, will establish quality attributes and determine an acceptable quality level for each attribute. We will implement a quality monitoring process that will measure performance. In cases where performance is not in compliance with our acceptable quality levels, we will institute process improvement methods and processes to determine the cause, implement corrective action, and continue to monitor the corrective action to verify its effectiveness.

CALLOWAY’s Task Order Managers will implement each Task Order or SeaPort-e Contract QA/quality program. The fact that our Task Order Managers are each highly experienced within their respective technical or administrative and financial disciplines ensures customers and team members that the CALLOWAY QA Plan and quality program has the highest visibility within the corporation. Our Corporate QA Manager for QA Matters coordinates with the T.O. manager, the SeaPort-e Customer Services Manager, and also the SeaPort-e Program manager and Contract Manager as needed. Our Corporate QA Manager directly reports to our company president, CEO and CFO, Ms. Helen Calloway who is a service disabled USAF veteran. Please contact the CALLOWAY SeaPort-e Customer Services Manager, Ms. Potter for a copy of our QA Plan.